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  Milk Protein is the protein present in the milk. Dairy animals milk contains various kinds of milk proteins like casein protein, dissolvable serum protein all the more ordinarily known as whey proteins. Bovine milk will contain roughly 82% casein and 18% whey proteins alongside a modest quantity of Non-Protein Nitrogen mixes. The casein proteins get their name from the Latin word for cheddar. Advances in dairy Research probably the best diary which distributes world quality articles. Advances in dairy Research is a wide scope of region that manages Dairy innovative work, Dairy Farming, Milk Protein , Milk Analysis, Animal reproducing, Dairy animal Production, UHT Processes and Biotechnology, Biochemistry of dairy milk. Advances in dairy Research is among those diaries which distribute the quality articles identified with Milk Protein. Advances in Dairy Research give a gathering to Scientists from everywhere throughout the world to trade thoughts, to spread the headway of science.    

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