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Medical informatics is found at the intersection of healthcare and generation. It is where skills in each clinical and pc sciences come together with a purpose to improve healthcare and patient outcomes. Professionals in this hybrid field draw on know-how from each disciplines to put era to its high-quality use in patient care, clinical and research settings. One of the challenges going through qualitative researchers in a weather wherein audit lifestyle has permeated many aspects of the institutions wherein they studies is a way to establish the effect and fine of their studies. When examining tune records, granting institutions place significant emphasis on book performance. Although the high-quality and effect of publications have historically been assessed by peer review, there's currently a global trend in the direction of the development, refinement, and multiplied use of quantitative metrics, particularly citation evaluation and journal impact factor. In this article, the authors percentage their experience of using the metrics citation analysis and journal impact factor inside the instruction of an application for funding. Their goal is twofold: to elevate recognition approximately potential issues inside the sensible software of these metrics; and to offer critique about and, they hope, “first-class” to the writing and rhetoric regarding how to measure publication impact and first-  rate.

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