Management Information System.

 A management data system (MIS) could be an automatic data processing system consisting of hardware and software system that is the backbone of an organization's operations. AN MIS gathers knowledge from multiple on-line systems, analyzes the data, and reports knowledge to assist in management decision-making. The goal of AN MIS is to be able to correlate multiple knowledge points so as to strategize ways in which to enhance operations. As an example, having the ability to check sales this month to sales a year alone by observing staffing levels might purpose to ways in which to spice up revenue. Or having the ability to check promoting expenditures by geographic location and link them to sales also can improve decision-making. However the sole method this level {of Analysis of study of research} is feasible is thanks to knowledge that's compiled through an MIS. Businesses use info systems in any respect levels of operation to gather, process, and store knowledge. Management aggregates and disseminates this knowledge within the variety of info required to hold out the daily operations of business. Everybody WHO works in business, from somebody WHO pays the bills to the one that makes employment selections, uses info systems.

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