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 The performance of a machine may include the change of chemical, electrical, thermal, or nuclear energy into mechanical energy, or vice versa, or its function may directly be to transmit forces, modify and motions. All machines have an input, an output, and a modifying or transforming and transmitting device. The machines that obtain their income energy from a natural source, such as moving water, air currents, coal, petroleum, or uranium, and transform it into mechanical energy are known as prime movers. Windmills, waterwheels, steam engines, turbines and internal-combustion engines are prime movers. The motors can be helpful to drive machines with several of outputs, such as packaging, materials processing, or conveying machinery, or such appliances as washing machines and sewing machines. All machines of the latter type and all others that are generators, prime movers, and motors may be systematized as operators.  

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