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 Lung cancer could be a condition that causes cells to divide within the lungs uncontrollably. This causes the expansion of tumors that cut back a person’s ability to breathe.   Cancer causes sure mutations in otherwise healthy cells. Typically, the body programs cells to die at a precise stage in their life cycle to avoid overgrowth. Cancer overrides this instruction, inflicting cells to grow and multiply once they mustn't. The overgrowth of cells ends up in the event of tumors and therefore the harmful effects of cancer. In carcinoma, this pattern of cell overgrowth happens within the lungs, that area unit important organs for respiration and gas exchange. Doctors generally diagnose 2 carcinoma varieties, little cell and non-small cell, counting on however they seem underneath a magnifier. Someone is a lot of doubtless to possess non-small cell carcinoma than little cell. While anyone will develop carcinoma, roll of tobacco smoking and exposure to smoke will increase the chance that someone can expertise the condition. Lung cancer can develop if someone includes a history of exposure to indrawn chemicals or alternative toxins. Even if this exposure to chemicals and alternative toxins was an extended time past, it might cause changes in respiratory organ cells that cause cancer.

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