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 Hematopathology or hemopathology is that the study of diseases and disorders moving and located in blood cells, their production, and any organs and tissues concerned in hematopoiesis, like bone marrow, the spleen, and therefore the thymus.   Diagnoses and treatment of diseases like cancer and malignant neoplastic disease usually agitate hematopathology; techniques and technologies embody flow cytometry studies and assay. A medico United Nations agency practices hematopathology is termed a hematopathologist. Hematopathology is that the study of diseases of the cells that form up our blood. These cells originate within the bone marrow and become: ·         White blood cells ·         Red blood cells ·         Platelets White blood cells are gift in several vital structures of the body, like humor nodes, and are major parts of the system. When malady invades, the body sends these cells to fight bacterium and viruses by manufacturing antibodies against the infection. Blood cells will often become abnormal; in some cases, abnormal blood cells create to cancers.

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