Genetic Studies

 Genetics may be a branch of biology concerned with the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity in organisms. Genetics may be a term that refers to the study of genes and their roles in inheritance - in other words, the way that certain traits or conditions are passed down from one generation to a different. Genetics involves scientific studies of genes and their effects. Genetic studies course provides you with a broad overview of the universal principles, potentials and problems associated with DNA-based life. You'll find out how traits are inherited, how genetic processes control development and diseases and the way and why genomes are studied. Through a mixture of hands-on laboratory sessions, teamwork, interactive tutorials and theoretical foundations, you'll develop skills in critical thinking, experimental design, data analysis and interpretation also as skills in oral and written communication. Taking time to find out about genetics can assist you understand your own health and make healthy choices. Genes that don't work correctly can cause problems. A group of rare diseases are caused when one gene stops working normally. ... Learning about your family health history can provide a lot of useful information. Genetic testing involves the detection of specific alleles, mutations, genotypes or karyotypes that are associated with heritable traits, diseases or predispositions to disease for the individual or their descendants. Genetic testing may also be used as a method for the determination of parentage or ancestry.  

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