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 In physics and engineering, fluid dynamics could be a sub discipline of hydraulics that describes the flow of fluids—liquids and gases. Its many sub disciplines, together with mechanics (the study of air and different gases in motion) and hydraulics (the study of liquids in motion).   Fluid dynamics provides ways for finding out the evolution of stars, ocean currents, weather patterns, geomorphology and even blood circulation. Some necessary technological applications of fluid dynamics embody rocket engines, wind turbines, oil pipelines and air-con systems. Fluid dynamics cares with the movement of fluids (liquid and gas). Dynamics could be a sub-part of mechanics. In order that the fluid is in equilibrium condition not laid low with shear stress. Hydraulics could be a study of statics and dynamics of a fluid i.e. study of fluid and forces once fluid is at rest and in motion. There are many major applications of the special properties of fluids. The pressure of fluids is amplified through the employment of hydraulic mechanisms. Changes in pressure with the rate of the fluid permit airplanes to fly. Fluids are wont to scale back friction.

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