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 Experimental pharmacology deals with effects of various test substances that are studied on different animal species which is aimed at finding a safe therapeutic agent suitable for public health as well as the mechanism and the site of action of a test substance. It is the basic step in the discovery of the new drugs or for studying the pharmacological actions of the already developed one using both the preclinical and clinical study designs in a stepwise phase of investigations. However, the investigations in the first phase of experimental pharmacology are usually concluded with assumption hypothesis without any adequate validation of the scientific evidence.Experimental  pharmacology  is  the  study  of pharmacology  through  bioassay  or  done to   test  the  effect  of various pharmacological agents on different species of animal .Experimental  Pharmacology is an most  important  step in the process of discovery of a new drug  and  before  the  drug  is used for the purpose of clinical research. some guidelines  have  been provided for  the experimental studies to be carried out by OECD, CDSCO, etc..,The  guidelines  ensure  the  careful handling  of  animals, protecting the unethical use & also set some plans for the study to be carried out in the specified and standard way. Different study protocols & different animal species  for  various studies  put  forth  help  in  carrying  out  the  studies  to  get  the result and evaluate it carefully for further research.

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