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 The discipline of evidence-based materia medica strives to transparently, systematically, and objectively assess out there scientific proof so as to answer queries in materia medica,[11] the study of the adverse effects of chemical, physical, or biological agents on living organisms and therefore the surroundings, together with the hindrance and betterment of such effects.[12] Evidence-based materia medica has the potential to handle considerations within the pharmacological medicine community concerning the restrictions of current approaches to assessing the state of the science.[13][14] These embody considerations associated with transparency in deciding, synthesis of various styles of proof, and therefore the assessment of bias and credibleness.[15][16][17] Evidence-based materia medica has its roots within the larger movement towards evidence-based practices. The classic experimental tool of materia medica is testing on non-human animals.[8] Example of model organisms area unit pyralid, [19] which might replace tiny mammals, and Zebrafish, which permit for the study of materia medica during a lower order vertebrate in vivo.[20][21] As of 2014, such animal testing provides data that's not out there by different suggests that concerning however substances operate during a living organism.[22] the utilization of non-human animals for materia medica testing is opposed by some organisations for reasons of animal welfare, and it's been restricted or illegal underneath some circumstances in sure regions, like the testing of cosmetics within the EC.  

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