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 Urinary incontinence (enuresis) is that the loss of bladder resistance. In children younger than stage three, it’s traditional to not have full bladder management. As youngsters get grown-up, they become cleverer to regulate their bladder. Wetting is named incontinency once it happens during a kid United Nations agency is the right age to regulate his or her bladder. incontinency will happen throughout the day or night. It is a frustrating state of affairs. however it’s vital to hold back and bear in mind that it’s not your child’s responsibility. a baby doesn't should management over incontinency. And there ar some ways to treat it and facilitate your kid. There are four kinds of incontinency. a baby could have one or a lot of of those types: • Nighttime (nocturnal) incontinency. this implies wetting through the night. It’s usually known as bedwetting. It’s the utmost common sort of incontinency. • Daytime (diurnal) incontinency. this is often wetting throughout the day. • Primary incontinency. This happens once a baby has not absolutely down rest room coaching. • Secondary incontinency. this is often once a baby encompasses a amount of status, then again returns to having periods of wetting

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