Endothelial Cells

 Endothelium may be a single layer of squamous epithelium cells that line the inside surface of blood vessels, and humour vessels. The epithelium forms associate interface between current blood or liquid body substance within the lumen and therefore the remainder of the vessel wall. epithelium cells type the barrier between vessels and tissue and management the flow of drugs and fluid into and out of a tissue. Endothelial cells in direct contact with blood area unit known as tube epithelium cells whereas those in direct contact with liquid body substance area unit referred to as humour epithelium cells. tube epithelium cells line the whole vascular system, from the guts to the tiniest capillaries. These cells have distinctive functions that embrace fluid filtration, like within the capillary of the urinary organ, vas tone, hemostasis, white corpuscle enlisting, and secretion trafficking. epithelium of the inside surfaces of the guts chambers is termed serosa. associate impaired operate will result in serious health problems throughout the body, The epithelium may be a skinny layer of single flat (squamous) cells that line the inside surface of blood vessels and humour vessels. Endothelium is of mesoblastic origin. each blood and humour capillaries area unit composed of one layer of epithelium cells known as a monolayer. In straight sections of a vas, tube epithelium cells usually align and elongate within the direction of fluid flow  

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