Endocytobiosis is the intracellular relationship between two cells. It very well may be characterized as the harmonious relationship where one symbiont possesses in the cytoplasm of another. Homologous and heterologous are the two kinds of cytoplasm. On the off chance that both the cells are gotten from a similar taxon or same biont (like for example synergides in the makrogametophyte of seed plants, it is called as homologous and in the event that accomplice cells originates from the distinctive taxa, at that point it is named as heterologous. This extraordinary harmonious affiliation has the facultative capacity to a developmental difference in a dibiont-framework into another monobiont-framework bearing another phone organelle, the exogenosome. The best models for this delineation are chloroplasts and mitochondria which are generally accepted to be advanced from microorganisms that once lived as endosymbionts inside the cytoplasm of precursors of eukaryotic cells. endosymbiosis is cultivated by the attending move of endosymbionts qualities to the host core, by a procedure known as Endosymbiotic Gene Transfer.

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