Diagnosis Of Toxoplasmosis

 The designation of infection is often created by serological testing. A take a look at that measures immune globulin (IgG) is employed to see if someone has been infected. If it's necessary to do to estimate the time of infection, that is of explicit importance for pregnant girls, a take a look at that measures Ig (IgM) is additionally used in conjunction with alternative take a look ats like Associate in Nursing eagerness test.Diagnosis may be created by direct observation of the parasite in stained tissue sections, liquid body substance (CSF), or alternative diagnostic test material. These techniques area unit used less oft due to the issue of getting these specimens.Parasites may be isolated from blood or alternative body fluids (for example, CSF) however this method is troublesome and needs tidy time.Molecular techniques which will notice the parasite’s polymer within the body fluid is helpful in cases of doable mother-to-child (congenital) transmission.Ocular sickness is diagnosed supported the looks of the lesions within the eye, symptoms, course of sickness, and infrequently serological testing.    

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