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 Allergic conjunctivitis affects each eyes ANd could be a response to an allergy-causing substance like spore. In response to allergens, your body produces AN protein known as immune serum globulin (IgE). This protein triggers special cells known as mast cells within the mucose lining of your eyes and airways to unharness inflammatory substances, as well as histamines. Your body's unharness of aminoalkane will turn out variety of hypersensitivity reaction signs and symptoms, as well as red or pink eyes.If you have got allergic pinkeye, you'll expertise intense itchiness, tearing and inflammation of the eyes — moreover as sneeze and watery nasal discharge. Most allergic pinkeye will be controlled with hypersensitivity reaction eyedrops.Irritation from a chemical splash or foreign object in your eye is additionally related to pinkeye. generally flushing and cleansing the attention to free it of the chemical or object causes redness and irritation. Signs and symptoms, which can embrace watery eyes and a mucose discharge, sometimes clear au fait their own among a couple of day. If initial flushing does not resolve the symptoms, or if the chemical could be a caustic one like caustic, you wish to be seen by your doctor or eye specialist as presently as attainable. A chemical splash into the attention will cause permanent eye harm. Persistent symptoms may conjointly indicate that you just still have the foreign body in your eye — or probably a scratch over the membrane or the covering of the eyeball (sclera).  

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