Cointegration is a statistical assets of a group of time series variables. First, all the series have to be integrated of order d. Next, if a linear aggregate of this collection is incorporated of order less than d, then the gathering is stated to be co-incorporated. Nobel laureates Robert Engle and Clive Granger introduced the concept of cointegration in 1987. The most famous cointegration tests consist of Engle-Granger, the Johansen Test, and the Phillips-Ouliaris test. Cointegration exams discover scenarios where two or greater non-stationary time collection are included together in a manner that they cannot deviate from equilibrium within the long time period. The assessments are used to pick out the diploma of sensitivity of variables to the equal average charge over a specified length of time. There are three main methods of trying out for cointegration. They are used to identify the long-term relationships between two or more units of variables. The strategies include: 1. The Engle-Granger Two-Step technique starts by means of developing residuals primarily based on the static regression and then checking out the residuals for the presence of unit roots. It makes use of the Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test (ADF) or other checks to check for stationarity gadgets in time collection. 2. The Johansen test is used to check cointegrating relationships between numerous non-desk bound time collection data. Compared to the Engle-Granger test, the Johansen test lets in for a couple of cointegrating relationship.

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