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 Cloud computing is a kind of processing that depends on having computing services where, across the Internet, distinctive administrations, such as servers, storage , and applications are transmitted to the machines and gadgets of an organization.The aim of cloud computing is to use conventional supercomputing or high-performance computing resources, typically used by military and examination departments, to perform several trillion computations per second in customer-specific applications, such as money-related portfolios, to transfer personalized data, to provide data storage information or to affect large, computer-related applications. Open access to the scientific literature means eliminating obstacles to accessing academic research (including price obstacles). There are two “roads†parallels to open access: open access and self-archiving articles. Open Access papers are accessible instantly, freely on their website, a model often funded by fees charged by the author (usually via a research grant). The alternative for a writer is “self-archiving†"(i.e. publishing in a conventional newspaper, where only readers have immediate access, but having the article accessible on their personal and/or institutional websites (including so-called databases or archives) which is a practice that many academic journals permit.  

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