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Carcinoma is a  of types of cancer which is developed from epithelial begins in a tissue that lines the inner surface / outer surfaces of the body, and also arises from the cells originating in the endodermal, mesodermal or ectodermal germ layer during the process of  embryogenesis.Carcinomas also occur when the DNA of a cell is altered/damaged  and the growth of the cell is  uncontrollable and become malignant and it  can be diagnosed through biopsy including fine-needle aspiration (FNA), core biopsy or by subtotal removal of single node   carcinomas are exceptionally rare in children while compared  to adults . It is about Less than 1% of carcinoma diagnosed  in children.while coming to  risk factors for ovarian carcinoma are mainly  age and family history.The term carcinoma has conjointly return to cover malignant tumors composed of remodeled cells whose origin or biological process lineage is unknown (see cancer of unknown primary origin; CUP), however that possess sure specific molecular, cellular, and microscopic anatomy characteristics typical of animal tissue cells. this could embody the assembly of 1 or additional varieties of cytokeratin or alternative intermediate filaments, animate thing bridge structures, albuminoid pearls, and/or tissue subject area motifs like stratification or pseudo-stratification.Cancer occurs when a single progenitor cell accumulates mutations and other changes in the DNA, histones, and other biochemical compounds that make up the cell's genome. The cell genome controls the structure of the cell's biochemical components, the biochemical reactions that occur within the cell, and the biological interactions of that cell with other cells.      

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