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 Bipolar disorder could be a chronic or episodic (which suggests that occurring often and at irregular intervals) disorder. It will cause uncommon, usually extreme and unsteady changes in mood, energy, activity, and concentration or focus. emotional disturbance generally is named manic-depressive disorder or manic depressive illness, that area unit older terms.   Everyone goes through traditional ups and downs, however emotional disturbance is completely different. The vary of mood changes is extreme. In frenzied episodes, somebody would possibly feel terribly happy, irritable, or “up,” and there's a marked increase in activity level. In depressive episodes, somebody would possibly feel unhappy, indifferent, or hopeless, together with a awfully low activity level. Some individuals have hypomanic episodes, that area unit like frenzied episodes, however less severe and hard.   Most of the time, emotional disturbance develops or starts throughout late adolescence (teen years) or early adulthood. often, bipolar symptoms will seem in kids. though the symptoms come back and go, emotional disturbance sometimes needs life treatment and doesn't get away on its own. emotional disturbance is a crucial think about suicide, job loss, and family discord, however correct treatment results in higher outcomes. The symptoms of emotional disturbance will vary. a private with emotional disturbance could have frenzied episodes, depressive episodes, or “mixed” episodes. A mixed episode has each frenzied and depressive symptoms. These mood episodes cause symptoms that last per week or 2 or generally longer. throughout associate episode, the symptoms last daily for many of the day. Mood episodes area unit intense. the emotions area unit intense and happen together with changes in behavior, energy levels, or activity levels that area unit noticeable to others.

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