Bioventing Peer Reviewed Journals

 The process of supplying oxygen in-situ to oxygen-deprived soil microbes by pushing air through covered soil at decreased air flow rates is Bioventing. Unlike soil vacuum or soil venting extraction technologies, bioventing seeks to restore biodegradative activity while decreasing stripping of volatile organics. The procedure destroys the toxic compounds in the ground. Bioventing technology is principally valuable for treating contaminated soils in areas where structures and utilities cannot be disrupted because the equipment needed is comparatively non-invasive. The field site has jet fuel JP-4 contaminated unsaturated soil where a spill has transpired in association with a fuel distribution network. With the pilot-scale experience increased in these studies and others, bioventing should be accessible in the very near future as an unobtrusive, inexpensive means of treating huge quantities of organically contaminated soils.