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Biomaterials is an global journal protecting the technological know-how and medical software of biomaterials. A biomaterial is now defined as a substance that has been engineered to take a shape which, on my own or as a part of a complex system, is used to direct, by control of interactions with additives of residing systems, the path of any therapeutic or diagnostic procedure. It is the purpose of the magazine to offer a peer-reviewed discussion board for the publication of original papers and authoritative assessment and opinion papers handling the most crucial problems facing using biomaterials in medical practice. The scope of the magazine covers the wide variety of physical, biological and chemical sciences that underpin the layout of biomaterials and the medical disciplines in which they're used.  It is a non-viable substance or combination of substances. In other words, this material is unable to develop, grow, or frankly live in general. This substance can be naturally or synthetically derived, and it can be a solid or even a liquid. The substance is used to (partially or completely) replace, regenerate, repair, or augment any body part, tissue, or organ in terms of structure and/or function. The substance is used to improve or maintain the quality of life of an individual. The substance is NOT a drug! Sometimes, the term biomaterial is also used with respect to aesthetics (like braces), but other times it is not.    

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