Bacillus Cereus

 Bacillus cereus is a rod-shaped bacterium, motile, spore-forming, facultatively and gram positive aerobic an it is mainly associated with the food poisoning and reported as a being increase of fatal non-gastrointestinal tract infections. The production of tissue destructive exoenzymes is closely associated with intestinal or nonintestinal.In these the secreted toxins are classified as the four hemolysins, phospholipases, proteases and an emesis induction toxins.The major problem in evaluating the Bacillus cereus are when cut off from a clinical specimen is overcoming its stigma as an insignificant contaminant. Outside its notoriety in connection with food poisoning and severe eye infections, this bacterium has been incriminated in a multitude of other clinical conditions such as anthrax-like progressive pneumonia, particularly in immunosuppressed individuals, intravenous drug abusers, neonates. fulminant sepsis, and devastating central nervous system infections.  

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