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 Auriculotherapy (likewise auricular treatment, ear needle therapy, and auriculoacupuncture) is a type of elective medication dependent on the possibility that the ear is a small scale framework, which mirrors the whole body, spoke to on the auricle, the external segment of the ear. Auricular needle therapy can be utilized for a wide scope of signs, and it is particularly helpful to mitigate torment, quiet the brain, treat hypersensitivities and irresistible illnesses, manage endocrine framework issue, and treat constant infection and practical issue. It is additionally utilized for withdrawal condition. While logical proof supporting the advantages of ear seeds is constrained, existing exploration proposes ear seeds may give alleviation from specific things, including sleep deprivation and agony. Needle therapy and auriculotherapy for constant agony. The most well-known symptoms of needle therapy incorporate dying, irritation, or wounding at the site of needle inclusion. Different dangers of needle therapy incorporate unsteadiness, blacking out, nearby interior dying, spasms, hepatitis B, dermatitis, nerve harm, expanded torment, and once in a while injury to an inner organ. Ear-door. This weight point is found straightforwardly before where your ear cartilage starts. Pressure point massage on this point is utilized to diminish pressure that develops around your jaw and in your ears. This could make it powerful in rewarding tinnitus, ear diseases, ear infection, strain cerebral pain, and headache  

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