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 Analytical chemistry could be a branch of chemistry that deals with the separation, identification and quantification of chemical compounds. Chemical analyses are often qualitative, as within the identification of the chemical elements during a sample, or quantitative, as within the determination of the quantity of a particular element within the sample various efforts are created to achieve a more robust understanding of the molecular mechanisms concerned in ionic motion in liquids,(1,14,18) and results counsel that the rate-limiting step in particle transport is that the necessary interchange of the association shell from one liquid to the opposite. The roughness of the interface is probably going to come about as capillaries or fingers of 1 liquid projected into another.(19,20) This ‘fingering’ ensuing from the long-range ion–dipole interactions plays a serious role within the modification of the association shell,(21) implying that it should be associate activated method.(22) This has been supported by molecular dynamics calculations,(21,23) that tend to substantiate that the interface is sharp at the molecular level however in average, are often thought-about as associate extended region during which the 2 solvents combine. one in every of the best challenges  

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