What kid hasn't spent a little time daydreaming about having X-ray vision?

Author(s): Kayondo Wahab

After all, seeing things that the human eye can’t normally see is a pretty incredible power. The ability to see more than the human eye can perceive has a much more practical application than the superhero musings of a comic book-loving kid, though. Doctors and healthcare professionals often need to see inside the human body to figure out what’s going on. Fortunately, what the eye cannot do, diagnostic imaging tests can. These diagnostic imaging techniques are the work of radiologic technologists who use their “powers” to help save lives-all without a cape!

Diagnostic imaging is non-invasive, meaning medical professionals can look inside without surgery. With these exams, doctors can see how inner organs are functioning, joints are moving and much more. Diagnostic imaging does everything from confirming the presence of disease and determining the severity of an injury to providing a strategy for upcoming surgical procedures.