Vertebral Fracture Mimicking Infectious Spondulodiscitis

Author(s): Soumaya Boussaid, Yasmine Makhlouf, Samia Jemmali, Sonia Rekik & Mohamed Elleuch

A 73yr old man presented to the rheumatologic departement of our institute with inflammatory neck pain evolving since 3 years that has gradually worsened six months ago . He reported an alteration of the general condition . A cervical X ray as well as medullary MRI were performed. Imaging features may be consistent with spondylodiscitis (SD). However the patient’s clinical presentation, the absence of an infectious etiology, MRI data supported the presumptive diagnosis of Fractured vertebrae on a degenerative cervical myelopathy . The patient was immobilized with a cervical collar. He received intravenous Dexamethasone (4mg) during a week followed by physiotherapy sessions.