The phenomenon of the COVID 19-pandemic against the background of its era

Author(s): Bohdan Włodzimierz Wasilewski

The author analyzes the COVID-19 pandemic as a multidimensional phenomenon, including, apart from medical aspects, also those resulting from the evolution of civilization. Author discusses the barriers that are obstacles to the overall understanding of the COViD-19 phenomenon and that prevent consolidation of efforts to counteract it. The side effects of the industrial era regarding disturbances in the functioning of the ecosystem, of which humans are part and their impact on the COVID-19 pandemic are discussed in more detail. The mistakes and omissions of our civilization that could have prevented a pandemic or significantly reduced its consequences are also discussed. The negative information conveyed by the publication is that the already launched avalanche of changes, the catalyst of which is COVID-19, must take place, associated with significant civilization consequences. It is positive that we still have the opportunity, with clarity of purpose and combined efforts, to positively moderate change and increase the chances of human survival as a species.