The efficacy of herbal products as antioxidant in cushioning the effects of short-term exposure of female rats to low dose of environmental toxicity

Author(s): Uchewa O & Ezugworie JO

Introduction: Natural products can be more active than we consider them. Some herbs used by man can boost the body’s antioxidant level. This herb that serves as vegetable have also been identified as a cure some illnesses and also restore the integrity of the organs of the body.

Objective: This research investigated the efficacy of as a natural antioxidant for reducing toxicity.

Materials and Methods: Twenty five (25) rats with average weight of 145 g were randomly assigned into five groups and received standard rat’s diet and allowed water ad libitum. Group A (negative control) received normal saline. Group B and C received Lead acetate solution (1.5 mg/kg) in addition to the extract serving as low and high dose groups respectively. Group D (positive control) received Lead acetate solution only while group E was given ethanolic extract only to ascertain if it has any deleterious effects.

Results: The animals showed an increase in both the body, uterine and ovarian weight when compared to group D. The SOD activity reduced in both B and C while increasing in D but E had a normal SOD level. On examination of the ovary and uterus microscopically, the alterations seen in the photomicrophic plates includes damages and reduced folliculogenesis with a marked increase in the number of atretic follicles, oedema, necrotic zones, etc. These changes were restored to near normal following the administration of the extract.

Conclusion: The finding of this research shows that natural products are capable of removing oxidative radical produced in the body thereby detoxifying the body and reproductive organs.

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