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The effect of a combination treatment of biomagnetic therapy and a low glycaemic influenced diet on nonfasting blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetic rats

Author(s): Williams M*, Asemota HN+, Williams E, McGrowder D, Nwokocha C , Voutchkov M and Francis R

This study was done to determine the effects of biomagnetic therapy on non-fasting blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetic (T2D) rats fed with a low glycaemic index influenced (LGI) diet. Both male and female streptozotocin induced T2D sprague dawley rats (4 each per group) weighing 150-250 g were assessed, with and without biomagnetic therapy using 5000 gauss magnetic bracelets. Non-fasting glucose levels were measured in the blood collected from the tail, once weekly for sixteen (16) weeks using a portable glucometer (Glucolab Blood Glucose Monitoring System). Results showed that there was a significant (p<0.05) reduction of non-fasting blood glucose levels (NFBG) over the experimental period for diabetic groups that were under the influence of biomagnetic therapy; fed low GI drink and a combination of both biomagnetic therapy and low GI drink; with average blood glucose levels for the final week being 6.97 ± 1.89 mmol/L, 6.40 ± 0.06 mmol/L and 5.87 ± 0.82 mmol/L respectively as compared to the non-treated diabetic rats (control) which averaged blood glucose levels of 29.40 ± 4.00 mmol/L. Biomagnetic therapy and a low GI influenced diet can facilitate in the maintenance and management of type 2 diabetes by lowering non-fasting blood glucose levels as groups exposed to the biomagnetic therapy showed blood glucose levels trending to that of normo- glycaemic levels of 4.0-7.7 mmol/L.

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