Surgical principles evolved in Sushruta Samhita- An Ancient text book of Surgery

Author(s): Shivanand A Kembhavi, Hemanth Toshikhane, Muralidhar Sharma

Ayurveda a science of life. It is described as upaveda of Ahtarvana veda. This knowledge of complete health science is as per literatures it was recalled by lord Brhama. Later this knowledge transferred to Dakhsh prajapaitn then to Ashwini kumar and others. Ayurveda is divided into eight branches. Each of them describes details of different branches. Among these eight branches Shalyatantra is one.

Dhanvantari Sampraday is known as school of surgery. Sushruta main disciple of this school wrote treatise known as Sushruta samhita . It describes many surgical principles along with surgical ethics. Whole world agrees that Sushruta as father of surgery. Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtang Hridaya are the three main treatiese of Ayurveda and are termed as Bruhutruyee. Sushtut Samhita is one of the important texts of Ayurveda, which is divided into six sthana Sutra Sthan, nidana Sthan, Shareer sthan, Chikitsa sthana, Kalpa sthana, and Uttar tantra. Sushruta smahita describes many basic principles related to surgery in sutra sthana, It also through light on many surgical techniques like Vrina ropana, Nasa Sandhana, Bhgna Chikitsa, sandi mukta chikitsa in chikitsa sthans . Hence Sushruta is regarded as father of surgery. Everyone agrees Sushruta as father of plastic surgery. Unfortunately our own Indian people are unaware of many such facts. It is difficult to explain all the surgical techniques mentioned in Sushruta samhita for different surgical disorders, in a single article, hence here we tried to recollect the general surgical principles and surgical techniques mentioned in Sushruta samhita.