Sensorineural Hearing Loss by Aav-Mediated Gene Therapy

Author(s): Guang tin

The number of people who suffer from hearing loss is increasing as a result of congenital defects, aging-related changes, and acquired injuries such viruses or drug-induced ototoxicity. Being deaf is a persistent and a crippling illness that significantly lowers quality of life Damage to the cochlear sensory epithelium cells, including hair cells and conch cells, in varied degrees characterises the pathophysiology of hearing loss in the inner ear. Supporting cells, spiral ganglion neurons, as well as basal, middle, and marginal cells from the stria vascularis. Treatment for sensorineural deafness involves regeneration or direct repair of the inner ear's damaged cells. Using a small molecule medication, it is presently feasible to rebuild hair cells to cure sensorineural hearing loss.