Preventing Complications is a Crucial First Step in the use of Embryonic Cells in Regenerative Medicine

Author(s): Dr. Aditya Khushwaha

When the body’s antioxidant defence mechanism cannot keep up with the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), oxidative stress (OS) results. OS has a significant impact on cellular health and performance. On cells that go through a predetermined and timeregulated phase of proliferation or differentiation, such as perinatal stem cells, ROS can have a profoundly detrimental effect. Because these immunotolerant stem cells are used so extensively in regenerative medicine, it’s critical to lower OS to keep them from losing function and expand the field’s use of them. The use of antioxidants and other substances that can indirectly influence the antioxidant defence system by boosting cellular stress response pathways is one method for achieving this goal. Lowering ROS levels via enhancing autophagy and mitochondrial activity. The purpose of this review is to compile information on OS processes in perinatal stem cells and potential mitigation tactics.