Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing: Different Microbial Pectin and Pectinase

Author(s): Caroline Roy

The use of microbial pectinase in several sectors has boosted the demand for it globally. Bacteria, fungus, and yeast are the principal sources of pectinase in food. In order to produce pectinase, low-cost agro-industrial waste has been preferred as a substrate. Temperature, pH, and production timeframes, which are the primary determinants in pectinase synthesis, were among the parameters that could not be optimised for pectinase production. Due to its many benefits, the pectinase enzyme is receiving attention; however, further research is required to fully utilise this enzyme in a variety of sectors. The structure of pectin, the substrate for pectinase synthesis, variables that affect pectinase production, the industrial use of microbial pectinase.