Outcome dissimilarities in age group and delivery modality studied in the prediabetes lifestyle change program conducted by virginia cooperative extension

Author(s): Jarir Thobari, Cecilia Lew, Dalia Somjen & Dezfin*

Objective: This study evaluated the effects of age on Lifestyle Change Program (LCP) outcomes conducted by Virginia Cooperative Extension in different delivery methods.

Methods: Outcomes of LCP conducted by VCE between 2018-2022 were collected and tabulated for further analysis. Among the 189 enrolled participants, 56% were above 60 years old, and 51% enrolled in distance learning. The statistical analysis assessed LCP outcome differences among age groups and delivery modalities at 6 and 12 months.

Results: At six months, older participants had significant higher attendance, especially in distance learning programs, and demonstrated greater weight loss in this modality. Additionally, among participants achieving 150 minutes of physical activity per week, 67% were above 60 years old.

Conclusion: The results showed that older participants were more successful than their younger counterparts in meeting LCP goals. These findings suggest that targeting different age groups and intervention delivery methods can improve program outcomes.