Introducing the Journal of Agriculture and Food Research, a brand-new venue for multidisciplinary studies

Author(s): Anil Mishra

The Journal of Agriculture and Food Research is a new venue for interdisciplinary, cuttingedge, and creative research in all facets of agriculture and food, and we are happy to introduce it. This journal will publish all types of publications, including full-length research articles, reviews, quick communications, viewpoints, and commentaries. It is peerreviewed and completely open-access. The journal welcomes various submissions from all disciplines and sectors, including but not limited to academic institutions, international research centers, and public and private research organisations. Its goal is to serve as a comprehensive and trustworthy source of information on current developments in the intricate and intertwined agricultural and food systems. The development of the world’s agricultural and food systems has coincided with a revolution in the globe and a change in our way of life brought about by improvements in science, engineering, and technology. Such Research developments in agriculture and food are not science fiction or fantasy, but rather extremely practical practises and tools that have a significant impact on how we live our daily lives. Numerous innovations are being developed and put into practise to transform farm animals and field crops into useful food products, not only to feed the world’s expanding population but also to enhance the general public’s overall wellness. As a result, experts in the fields of agriculture and food are convening and working together more than ever. Massive research efforts are currently being made to find strategies to guarantee sustainable agriculture and food products with increased effectiveness, quality, and safety. In this section, we’d like to quickly highlight a few of the important breakthroughs that are revolutionising our food and agriculture systems. Robotics, plant phenotyping, the agricultural internet of things, intelligent agricultural machinery, agricultural big data, and plant breeding are some of the technological advancements that are revolutionising our food and agricultural systems to increase food security and promote human and environmental health.