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Hemoglobin a1c (hba1c) shows improvement in glycemic control in as little as two weeks following the addition of lysulin, to the treatment of diabetes

Author(s): John F. Burd*, Francisco Alberto Alvarez Melero & Vivianne Noetzel

Some recent reports have questioned the utility of HbA1c in measuring the effectiveness of therapy in the treatment of diabetes. Still, HbA1c remains the gold standard for following diabetes management and is traditionally tested every 3 or 6 months using a blood sample analyzed in a clinical laboratory. HbA1c measures the glycation of hemoglobin and is used to quantify the average blood glucose levels over the past 2 to 3 months. Innovative continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems are vying to become the new gold standard because they measure and record the blood glucose every 5 minutes and compute the daily average glucose levels and provide a calculated HbA1c equivalent. We report herein that HbA1c measurements can detect improvements in glycemic control in as little as two weeks after initiating the use of Lysulin. Innovative, self-administered home testing products for CGM and HbA1c (A1cNow®) may improve the management of diabetes by more frequently monitoring the effectiveness to changes in therapy and the A1cNow test is available at We report herein that some patients with Type 2 diabetes have seen an improvement in HbA1c in as little as 2 weeks after including Lysulin into their therapeutic management. This observation has been confirmed by using CGM to monitor daily blood glucose values. The most dramatic improvement has been observed when Lysulin and Metformin are used together to manage patients with Type 2 diabetes. Lysulin™ is a new diet supplement for people suffering with Type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and those at risk of developing diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The patent pending Lysulin formulation contains an essential amino (lysine), a mineral (zinc) and vitamin C. Each of these ingredients have been shown in over 20 years of R&D and clinical studies to lower blood glucose, lower glycated proteins and improve the lipid profile by improving cholesterol (lowering LDL and raising HDL). This paper provides evidence that confirms the effectiveness of Lysulin and illustrates how HbA1c can be used to more frequently measure rapid improvements in glycemic control. Additionally, CGM has been used to show that improvements in glycemic control can be achieved in only 1 week following inclusion of Lysulin.

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