Evaluation of Ozone oil irrigation as an adjunct to SRP in the treatment of chronic periodontitis - A randomised clinical trial

Author(s): Hiroj Bagde, Palak Sharma and Shailendra Chaturvedi

Periodontitis is an infection-inflammatory disease characterized by progressive clinical attachment loss; recession followed by mobility and ultimately tooth’s loss. The aim of treating periodontitis is primarily focused on decreasing the virulent microbial overload and treating the subjective symptoms of inflammation i.e. pain, bleeding and mobility. The mechanism by which the ozone medicament works are many, as such they are antibiotics, analgesics, detoxification and by increasing catabolism and anabolism in body and immune activation. This study differs from other subgingival irrigational studies because of its use of ozonated olive oil which is having high substantivity in the subgingival areas by oil suspension preprations.

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