Disposable Bioreactor Sensors

Author(s): Barkle Moghaddam

Sensors that offer online information about the process state are necessary for modern bioprocess monitoring. Particularly, sensors for single-use bioreactor bioprocess monitoring are required due to the growing significance of disposable systems in biotechnological applications. These single-use bioreactors have different requirements for the sensors than traditional reusable bioreactors. For instance, a long lifespan or resistance to steam and cleaning methods are less important considerations, whereas the cost of sensors for disposable bioreactors is affordable on a per-use basis. Here, we give an overview of the most recent and cutting-edge sensors for single-use bioreactors, arranged according to how the sensor systems connect to the bioreactor. Non-invasive, in-situ sensors based on electromagnetic, semiconducting, optical, or ultrasonic measurements are the main area of focus. New technologies are also introduced, such as free-floating sensor spheres and radio-frequency identification sensors. Notably, the sensors presented here do not currently have a common interface for single-use bioreactors. Manufacturers should fix this flaw in the future to support single-use bioprocess monitoring and control.