Covid-19: Radiographic Imaging

Author(s): Amala Chintala

The Corona Virus disease (COVID19) is pronounced as widespread by WHO on 11th walk 2020. This can be an infectious disease with intense respiratory and systemic sickness caused by novel Crown Infection SARS- Cov-2. Conclusive conclusion of COVID19 requires a positive RT-PCR test. CT chest & X-ray chest is not utilized to analyze COVID19 but supportive in evaluating infection movement and complications. Children appear to be moderately unaffected by this infection or other closely related corona infections. CT chest is touchier than chest X-rays. As the widespread advances, versatile chest X-ray (CXR) will help more to COVID19 patients since of its prepared accessibility & less contamination control issues other than simple take after up of lung anomalies and in basically sick patients.