Combination of medical and surgical treatment for hypertrophy of the bite muscle

Author(s): Ayhan Mohar

Masseter Hypertrophy (MH) is one of the exceptional conditions that swelling can be seen within the precise mandibular locale of confront. The etiology of MH incorporates a few components, and different treatment methods are said within the writing. Botulinum poison sort A application is most commonly utilized for the treatment since of its less obtrusive include. As a surgical strategy, a few treatment options that point to reduce muscle mass or reshape the bone tissue within the precise locale are considered. In this case report, a 21-year-old male quiet with one-sided masseter hypertrophy on the correct side is displayed. After the persistent was analyzed with MH, Botulinum poison treatment in two sessions at one-month interims was done. Since the decrease in muscle volume was not in palatable measurements after the Botulinum poison application, the masseter was decreased on the correct side through an intraoral approach. At the same time, bone developments on each side of the angulus mandibula were reshaped and smoothened through an extraoral retro mandibular approach. Clinical and radiographic assessment of the quiet uncovered more stylish and symmetrical appearance within the standard controls. Masseter Hypertrophy (MH) is an exceptional condition that can cause tasteful and useful issues. Stylish issues comprise of unmistakable masseter muscle within the confront, rectangular confront shape, and wide mandibular point. Patients may endure mental issues due to an ugly see.