Changes in peripapillary microvasculature and retinal thickness in the fellow eyes of patients with unilateral retinal vein occlusion: An OCTA study

Author(s): Ahmed Shahin*, Tarek Tawfik Soliman, Soha Moussa Tohamy, Ibrahim Abd EL Khalek El Saadani

Background: Retinal Vein Occlusion (RVO) is the second most common retinal vascular disease following diabetic retinopathy and is a frequent cause of significant visual loss and associated morbidity.

Aim and objectives: To assess peripapillary Vessel Density (VD), Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL) and Ganglion Cell Complex (GCC) in the fellow eyes of patients with unilateral Retinal Vein Occlusion (RVO) (either CRVO or BRVO) using Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCTA) and compare it with controls.

Subjects and methods: This is an observational study that will be conducted on (25) patients with unilateral RVO (either CRVO or BRVO) and (25) normal controls chosen from outpatient clinic.

Results: The RNFL thicknesses in the fellow eyes of RVO patients was significantly thinner than in normal controls. VD of radial peripappillary plexus and ganglion cell complex thickness were slightly lower than those of controls.

Conclusion: OCTA revealed that RNFL thickness in the fellow eyes of patients with unilateral RVO was significantly decreased, lower peripapillary VD and GCC thickness were also observed compared to healthy controls.