Association of diabetes and crestal bone loss in dental implant placement

Author(s): B Aishwarya Reddy, Subhasree R, Abhinav RP & Thiyaneswaran N

Aim: This study aimed to determine the association of diabetes and crestal bone loss in dental implant placement.

Background: Diabetes mellitus is a critical disease from the standpoint of dental implant therapy. It is well-known that chronic hyperglycemic state impairs periodontal structure and functions, which may directly impact the integrity of the periodontium and hence the placement of the dental implant.

Methods: A total of 155 patients were subjected to dental implant placement between April 2020 to March 2021. The data was collected from the patient management system. The data was collected, and the analysis was done using SPSS by IBM version 23.

Results: Out of the 155 patients who underwent implant placement, 57.42% of the patients did not have any crestal bone loss, 31.61% of the patients had a crestal bone loss of 1 mm, 8.39% of them had about 2 mm crestal bone loss, 1.94% of them had crestal bone loss of 4 mm and above, and 0.65% of them had 3 mm crestal bone loss. Out of 155 patients, 98.1% patients have no history of diabetes.

Conclusion: Out of the patients who had crestal bone loss, the highest prevalent cresta bone loss was 1 mm. Diabetes was not associated with significant crestal bone loss.