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Anti-hyperglycemic effect of gasca d herbal formulation on alloxan induced diabetic rats

Author(s): Ibrahim S Ismail*, Ibrahim D Gezawa , Muhammed F Yahya , Bashir Chedi , Kabir Nafisatu & Imam AA

Gasca D herbal formulation is an herbal anti-diabetic medication developed from the combination of Adansonia digitata, Gum Acacia and organic cellulose. Thus, the aim of this study is to evaluate the hypoglycemic potential and to determine hematological indices and biochemical parameters of Gasca D herbal formulation in normal and Alloxan induced diabetic rats. Diabetes was induced by interperitoneal injection of Alloxan monohydrate 150 mg/kg bw followed by a booster dose of 70 mg/kg bw after 48 hours after first induction. Both normal positive (group 2) and diabetic treated (group 4) rats received Gasca D herbal formulation at a dose of 1,000 mg/kg bw for 28 days. Acute toxicity study of Gasca D herbal formulation did not cause any mortality or abnormalities even after 14 days post treatment in rats up to a dose of 5,000 mg/kg bw. The result showed a progressive decrease in both weight and glucose concentration from 1st through the 4th week of the study, with significant decrease in both weight and glucose concentration in the 3rd and 4th week of normal positive control. There is a significant (p<0.001) and progressive reduction in blood glucose concentration in diabetic treated with Gasca D herbal formulation. There was significant increase in PCV, Hb, RBC and WBC in diabetic rats treated with Gasca D herbal formulation. The mean value of Tchol, HDL, LDL and Trig for the lipid parameters and AST and ALT for liver function and Electrolyte, urea and creatinine for kidney function in normal positive and diabetic treated groups was not significantly (p<0.001) different from normal and diabetic control except for urea and potassium in normal positive control group treated with Gasca D herbal formulation. Thus Gasca D herbal formulation can be said to be practically non-toxic herbal formulation category and can therefore be used in the management of diabetes mellitus.

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