A systematic review of psychological interventions for comorbid type 1 diabetes mellitus and eating disorders

Author(s): Rosemary Banting* & Cathy Randle-Phillips

Type One Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) is one of the most significantly impacting health conditions around the world and requires daily insulin administration to manage. Research has highlighted the impact on mental health but in particular there are elevated levels of eating disorders (ED) within T1DM. The current review aimed to systematically draw together the existing research that has explored the impact of psychological treatment within this population specifically focusing on adaptations made and the impact on insulin omission. A total of 95 papers were found and 10 were included in review. The papers ranged in methodology and rigour making comparisons difficult. The review concludes that an individualised intervention addressing both ED and T1DM difficulties appears to be the most effective. There is a lack of reporting on insulin omission within the literature and more research on the function of this behaviour is needed.