A rare case of chronic calcific pancreatitis with intrahepatic and splenic pseudocysts

Author(s): Sanjib Kumar Das*, Ipsita Acharya, Jayashree Mohanty, Sasmita Parida & Basanta Manjari Swain

Pancreatic pseudocyst is a well-defined collection of fluid rich in pancreatic enzymes which occurs as a complication of pancreatitis. They are mostly located in the head and body of the pancreas while few are found in extra-pancreatic locations like mediastinum, liver, pelvis, pleura and spleen. However intrahepatic pseudocyst is a rare complication of pancreatitis with only 34 such cases being reported in English literature till the year 2009. Around 1 in 100 cases of pancreatic pseudocyst show extension into spleen.

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