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   Weed management is that the biological science element of gadfly management, that tries to prevent weeds, particularly harmful weeds, from competitive with desired flora and fauna together with domesticated plants and farm animal, and in natural settings preventing non native species competitive with native species.   Weed management is vital in agriculture. Ways embody hand cultivation with hoes, supercharged cultivation with cultivators, dyspneal with mulch, deadly wilt with high heat, burning, and chemical management with herbicides (weed killers). Weeds contend with productive crops or pasture, they will be toxic, distasteful, manufacture burrs, thorns or otherwise interfere with the utilization and management of fascinating plants by contaminating harvests or busy with farm animal. Weeds contend with crops for area, nutrients, water and light-weight. Smaller, slower growing seedlings area unit additional vulnerable than those who area unit larger and additional vigorous. Onions area unit one in all the foremost vulnerable, as a result of they're slow to germinate and manufacture slender, upright stems. In contrast broad beans manufacture giant seedlings and suffer so much fewer effects aside from in periods of water shortage at the crucial time once the pods area unit filling out[citation needed]. Transplanted crops raised in sterile soil or potting compost gain a vantage over germinating weeds. Weeds conjointly vary in their competitive skills in line with conditions and season. leggy vigorous weeds like Chenopodium bonus-henricus (Chenopodium album) will have the foremost pronounced effects on adjacent crops, though seedlings of Chenopodium bonus-henricus that seem in late summer manufacture solely tiny plants. Chickweed (Stellaria media), an occasional growing plant, will jubilantly co-exist with a tall crop throughout the summer, however plants that have overwintered can grow speedily in early spring and will swamp crops like onions or spring greens.

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