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 Tissuechips online journals are committed to publishing review papers and research in the general areas of biomaterials, biomimetics, and Biochip. Likewise, it is a multidisciplinary journal traversing the areas of biochemistry, biology, and materials science and engineering. While the experts will consider all manuscript submissions in these general areas, the aim of this journal is to inspect the field of biomimetics and how it can be the key to scientific progress in the related discipline of biomaterials and Biochip. The predominant focus as enshrined in the definition of Biochip is to maintain, restore and/or improve tissue or organ function and this may be affected by the use of cells in combination with material substrates and also may be coupled with guidance factors and pertinent growth. The chips consolidate techniques from the computer industry with current tissue engineering on a transparent microchip to combine miniature models of living organ tissues.  

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