The target market usually consists of shoppers World Health Organization exhibit similar characteristics (such as age, location, financial gain or lifestyle) and square measure thought of possible to shop for a business's market offerings or square measure likely to be the foremost profitable segments for the business to service. Once the target market(s) are known, the business can usually tailor the selling combine (4Ps) with the requirements and expectations of the target in mind. This could involve closing extra marketing research so as to achieve deep insights into the everyday consumer's motivations, getting habits and media usage patterns. Occasionally a business might choose over one section because the focus of its activities, during which case, it might usually determine a primary target and a secondary target. Primary target markets square measure those market segments to that selling efforts square measure primarily directed and wherever a lot of the business's resources square measure allotted, whereas secondary markets square measure usually smaller segments or less important to a product's success.

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