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 Atherosclerosis is a diseases od cardiovascular disorder in which the plaque gets deposited on inner walls of arteries that leads to narrowing and thickening of them .It is also referred to as arteriosclerosis that leads to many cardio related disorders like  stroke, peripheral Arterial Diseases , Chronic kidney diseases and coronary heart diseases. Atherosclerosis Journal, Cardiovascular Pharmacology Journal, Cardiovascular Pathology Journal, Clinical & Experimental Cardiology Journal, ARYA Atherosclerosis,  Atherosclerosis Supplements, Current Atherosclerosis Reports, Journal of atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Journal of atherosclerosis research,  are the journals related to atherosclerosis. There are two types of atherosclerosis they are occlusive Coronary Atherosclerosis and intracranial Atherosclerosis, in Coronary atherosclerosis is the deposition of plaques within the wall of coronary arteries and in intracranial atherosclerosis is developed by the formation of atherosclerotic plaques within walls of intracranial arteries  

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