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Pathology is that the study of the causes and effects of sickness or injury. The word pathology conjointly refers to the study of sickness normally, incorporating a good vary of life science analysis fields and medical practices. However, once utilized in the context of recent medical treatment, the term is commonly utilized in a lot of slender fashion to ask processes and tests that fall at intervals the up to date medical field of "general pathology", a locality which has variety of distinct however inter-related medical specialties that diagnose sickness, largely through analysis of tissue, cell, and humour samples. A medical practitioner active pathology is termed a medical specialist. As a field of general inquiry and analysis, pathology addresses four parts of disease: cause, mechanisms of development (pathogenesis), structural alterations of cells (morphologic changes), and also the consequences of changes (clinical manifestations). In common practice, general pathology is usually involved with analysing renowned clinical abnormalities that area unit markers or precursors for each infectious and non-infectious sickness and is conducted by specialists in one amongst 2 major specialties, anatomical pathology and clinical pathology. More divisions in specialty exist on the idea of the concerned sample varieties (comparing, for instance, cytopathology, Hematopathology, and histopathology), organs (as in excretory organ pathology), and physiological systems (oral pathology), additionally as on the idea of the main target of the examination (as with rhetorical pathology). Pathology could be an important field in fashionable diagnosing and medical analysis.    

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